Delicious. Nutritious. Safe.

We know you have it in you. Sometimes you just need a boost. Perform is safe and scientifically formulated to help fuel your desire to stay active. Activate provides instant and sustained energy and Restore helps you recover. Developed for people who want to Be All In with an active lifestyle, Perform is another way to help you set and meet your personal goals.

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It’s easy to focus on all the nutritional components, but we don’t leave out taste. The days of choking down gritty-tasting workout fuel are over.


Activate and Restore have unique nutrition blends to support you as you start, sweat and recover. It's workout fuel for your active lifestyle.


Perform is FDA approved and certified by Informed-Sport

Kim Kaufman

LPGA Golfer

“I never forget to pack Perform when I’m on tour. Tournaments can get tough and Perform carries me through. I’m particular when it comes to taste and Perform delivers.”


Mixed Berry


Let Activate Fuel What’s Inside by providing your body with energy to burn. All the berries join the party in this sweet mixed-berry concoction.

Lemon Lime

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Perform at your best with Activate Protein Blend for instant and sustained energy. Enjoy the citrus explosion in a classic lemon-lime flavor you’ll love.

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Recover more quickly after your workout with high-quality protein and nutrients packed into Restore. Never sacrifice flavor with this sweet and delicious chocolate shake.

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Repair muscles, restore energy, and support electrolyte replenishment with Restore. You can have your cake and eat it too with this classic vanilla flavor.

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Heather B.

Profile Member Embracing an Active Lifestyle

“I am surprised by what I can do while running and also during my daily exercises. My success with Profile has given me more endurance to have a successful and more importantly, safe workout.”

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Perform Holiday Challenge – Week Four

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Welcome to the FINAL week of the Profile PERFORM Holiday Challenge! We’ve got new goals for this week- but don’t forget all the healthy habits ...


Steve Herrmann, PhD

Chair of Profile Advisory Board

“Profile® Perform is an innovative way to encourage healthy lifestyle change. We developed Perform from the ground up to be a safe way to fuel more intense workouts, but also we paid special attention to making it great-tasting and easy-to-drink.”